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Monday, September 27, 2010

Product Review Day 7

I am feeling under the weather today so this product review will be very to the point. About 3 months ago i went to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased Cube Storage Unit with Drawers in pink. This so called "unit" has broken 8 times by broken i mean spontaneously collapsed out of no where (each time i had to take an hour re-assembling and folding clothes). This was the worse $15.00 i have ever spent as soon as i can find a better place to hold Gias clothes neatly this is going straight in the trash. It is also suppose to be easily assembled thats a load of crap. You have to force the corners into this 4 slot holder, its very complicated and not worth your time. Overall rating 2 out of 10 extremely unsatisfied and poor excuse of a product Gia's clothes are on the floor with the pieces as i type.
                                                     ^slot holders that do not hold the corners

1 comment:

  1. Ha Ha, nothing like an honest review! Thanks for the reminder to NOT buy this!