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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Product Review Day 9

Gia's Hair detangled after using the new product.
Gia has been using WHITE RAIN 3 IN 1 KIDS body wash,shampoo,and conditioner for about 2 months ($1.00) and i am realizing it does nothing for her hair it always smells like sweat &funk. I only started using this because Loreal Kids was discontinued but anyway her hair smells good for about an hour then after that it stinks , its basically not doing anything AT ALL! So today i picked up SUAVE 2 IN 1 SMOOTHERS it is a shampoo and detangling conditioner and it really does detangle well. This product was $1.95 and the coconut smelt very ,VERY good:) I will keep using this and might even switch to SUAVE SMOOTHERS 3 IN 1 body wash,conditioner and shampoo.. Overall Rating 10 out of 10.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet Tiny Shinys Review

Still refusing 
Refusing to take it off
Cutest little bag even has a drawstring Ribbon!
 Yesterday i received a necklace from Tiny Shinys  it shipped to me in about 1 day since they are conveniently located in the next state over from me(Arizona). The dog tag necklace is all handmade and water resistant, the chain on it is the perfect length for me to wear as well as Gia. It is so cute and thus far durable Gia has wore it all day and even slept with it. You can just see the quality as soon as you open the package. It comes in a beautiful little mesh bag along with 2 cards. One card states you can get Free Shipping with a purchase of $20.00 or more with a certain code. Another states you can get 20 % off $30.00 or more with a code. Not only are the necklaces already affordable the more you spend the more you save perfect for the up incoming Holidays.
Meet owner/creator Jamie....

  My name is Jamie and I am the owner of Tiny Shinys. My items are handcrafted one at a time with lots of love and attention to detail. Each item is created using the highest quality wood, glass and metal components along with professionally printed images and top notch designer papers. Every piece is sealed with a glass like resin glaze to bring out the image and enhance the beauty of the piece. After each piece is created I add a fun mix of charms, beads, flowers, and other goodies along with a shiny silver ball chain or delicate organza ribbon. Each pendant is one of a kind and unique just like the people who wear them! I love what I do and I think the best part of my job is taking something ordinary looking (a blank dog tag for example) and transforming it into something extraordinary using simple supplies. I have had an obsession with beads and jewelry making since I was very young and I feel like I have finally found what I am supposed to be doing with that. Thank you so much for your interest in my jewelry and please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or custom order requests.
* Tiny Shinys can also be seen in the Sponsors Bar*

Blog Hop and More

So today i got my sick butt out of bed and did a blog hop(just one lol). I hope all my new followers join my Followers Giveaway. All you have to do is :
Go to the Giveaway Post or The 100 Followers Post or this post and leave a comment
Comment should have your t-shirt size and email  (sizes 2t-5xl)

And Next Friday we will find out who wins ! Its so easy and quick and you gain a custom shirt out of it :) Pick from these options :


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Product Review Day 8

Todays Review will be on something mothers everywhere need, a stain remover. So i usually just take the stains to the dry cleaners but this OxiClean Max Force Stain Pre-Treater was only $3.99 at walmart way cheaper than the other stain pre-treating brands. A stick which is 6.2oz comes ready to "scrub" with a stain grabbing nub applicator. So far it works very well on ink and blood (forehead +door=bad) a little goes a long way with this product. The con would be that if you press sum what hard a lot comes out and after all it is a gel so its way more than you need. Once you apply the gel and scrub with the nub it turns into a white layer kind of like a soft foam, you let it sit like 5 min. for deep stains and 3min. for light ones ...then just put it in the wash and the stain is gone. Overall Rating 8 out of 10.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Product Review Day 7

I am feeling under the weather today so this product review will be very to the point. About 3 months ago i went to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased Cube Storage Unit with Drawers in pink. This so called "unit" has broken 8 times by broken i mean spontaneously collapsed out of no where (each time i had to take an hour re-assembling and folding clothes). This was the worse $15.00 i have ever spent as soon as i can find a better place to hold Gias clothes neatly this is going straight in the trash. It is also suppose to be easily assembled thats a load of crap. You have to force the corners into this 4 slot holder, its very complicated and not worth your time. Overall rating 2 out of 10 extremely unsatisfied and poor excuse of a product Gia's clothes are on the floor with the pieces as i type.
                                                     ^slot holders that do not hold the corners

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday already

Its Monday already how time has been flying lately my day has been "dramatic" .  Terrible two's are starting to take affect now and Gia has been whining a lot lately but homemade tacos and a good bath did the trick. Now if only hubby will do the same lol my cries for the new Tinkerbell movie have not been granted but im wearing that man down , lucky for me he opt to buying Gia's new boots tonight from Journeys Kids online . Off to create i will see ya later i gotta bunch of Blog Hops lined up for tomorrow also.

Product Review Day 6

Riddex Power Plus is a non-toxic way to keep out roaches,ants,and any other critters you could think of(field mice too), in addition to its built in night light it easily plugs in to an outlet(has additional outlet on it) and wah-la your done . When you plug this in it sends an electro magnet signal through the walls creating a force field around your wiring keeping out pest. I purchased 2 of these from Walmart for $20.00 a piece and have seen about 2 water bugs all summer it truly keeps out the little critters big and small. Its safe for children and pets except for Gerbils,Hamsters,and any other Rodent pets. 
Overall Rating is 9 out of 10.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tee Shirt Giveaway

Please remember to either go to the 100 Followers Post or this post and enter your t-shirt size & email i have sizes 5xL and down. I even have toddler/baby shirts that say Formula Suck and Diapers Suck. A winner will be picked on Friday , you must be a follower to get the shirt. Remember i have all different types of shirts that you get to pick from and sizes...good luck hope you win!

Comment should have your t-shirt size and email  (sizes 2t-5xl)

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Product Review Day 5

About a week ago i discovered after making al large payment with my pay pal i had $20.00 left in my account.Me being the spend it all or ill die girl lol (my husband often talks me down but not in this case!)  i went to a few sites i shop at and came across a pair of Loafer heels. Not being able to pass these suckers up i quickly got a pair in Grey and will be ordering the black very soon. These heels are adorable and fit true to size, very comfortable and look way more expensive than $14.99. The shipping was like $4.00 dollars and it shipped to me in about 3 days , it was very fast and made me want to buy more from there site and stores. I highly recommend taking a look at there heels they have some great prices;Overall Rating for Loafer Heels  9 out of 10.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Iv reached 100 Followers!!!

Yay!!! I did it whoo-whoo...okay now down to the good stuff. I am giving away a Negativity -Tee Shirt  made by my husbands company and I. I will randomly select a winner from 1 of the 100 followers on Friday. So i need everyone to enter their Tee Shirt Size in the comment box & email

Comment should have your t-shirt size and email  (sizes 2t-5xl)

And on Friday we will find out who wins ! Its so easy and quick and you gain a custom shirt out of it :) Pick from these options :


I Hopped on by

Its Friday and im hoppin ! Here are some great blog hops im doing today , stop on by and meet some new people.

My Wee View

Product Review Day 4

This product review is going to be about Febreze Fabric Re Fresher vs. Glade Fabric & Air Fresher. Since Febreze came out iv been a very consistent customer. I remember buying it for about $3.50 now the original Febreze is $5.00 its be coming somewhat more expensive and watered down. My hubby went and purchased Glade Fabric Freshener and it cost $2.50 and so far is lasting way longer than Febreze. I assume it last longer because the smell is stronger and seems to last longer than Febreze .Personally it's a little too strong ,one squirt here and there does it. The rating for Glade is 9 out of 10 Febreze rating is 7 out of 10.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mother of 5 Locks Kids in Closet!

Mother of 5 locked 4 of her children in a closet barricaded by two bed frames for AT LEAST 10 hours. 2 Children a boy and girl 3 & 4 years old found dead. The oldest 7 years old says she often gets locked in the closet with her siblings (youngest 1 years old). Finally a uncle got worried because he hadn't heard from her and showed up the mother finally let the children out the closet and carried them 1 by 1 on to the couch. She  fought the uncle trying to prevent him from calling 911! She did not try to CPR or any thing to make sure the children (who had no food water) were alright. They are trying to pend charges for NEGLECT! not MURDER! Are they serious? This woman needs a needle in her arm (Death Penalty) . Meanwhile a 19 year old girl gave her 9 month old to a stranger and they are trying to charge her with Murder!(charged with neglect now) This system is all screwed up the 19 year old needs to be charged with neglect just because they dont have proof of anything they scream murder(there is no history of abuse,the mothers story has "holes" in it). Meanwhile this Mother of 5 gets a pat on the back for continued abuse and trying to starve her children ..please! What do you think? 

(19 year olds MISSING daughter)

Product Review Day 3

About 8 months ago hubby had very dark and heavy bags under his eyes so we went to our local Walgreens and bought Skin Essentials anti puff eye roller for $8.00. Its a roll on tube and its about 0.5 oz and can be used anytime night or day. It's suppose to prevent puffiness,redness,lines,and bags(basically you wont look older) hubby only uses it 4 nights a week and it has decreased his puffiness and darkness significantly. Your suppose to apply it by starting at the inner part of the eye and roll it out to the end on both eyes. Now iv seen Garnier Fructise have this same exact product for $14.00 and since i am a very cheap  frugal person i went for the less expensive one and it works very well for hubby and it prevents my circles too. The only other eye product i purchased was from Qvc 4 years ago for $24.00, it was a Medicated sleep mask. I wore that sucker for 3 months straight and nothing so i gave it to my sister and she seen no results(threw it straight in the trash!). So my overall rating would be 8 out of 10.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Product Review Day 2

About 2 weeks ago I went to Bath and Body Works and purchased 2 candles. They were having a sale 2 14.5 oz SLATKIN & CO. candles for $20.00. I was such a happy camper when I got a Bath and Body works body spray free(Japanese Cherry Blossom . )I love my home to smell like warm nutmeg/Cinnamon  all year around its just my niche. The 2 smells i picked were  (took 20 minutes they were all so great!) KITCHEN SPICE and CINNAMON & CLOVE BUDS. Its been 2 weeks and i burned that Cinnamon all day everyday and it is just now starting to get low.I had to keep hubby from blowing it out and re-lighting it now one has a poor burn mark. By far the richest smells iv purchased and i will continue to spend the money for such a long lasting product. Im not sure if the sale is still happening but they always have them, its worth a shot to go in the store and explore. Rating 10 out of 10 :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Childrens Art

Aside from the very controversial pieces of art I do like the post below, I also love doing children/family art. Above is a Candid shot of my Gia flaws and all  that I painted and framed (don't mind my skinny little fingers in the glass's reflection). Sadly for me my hubby hate lots of color so it was done in our modern  black,grey,and white color scheme .

Forced to create

I am exhausted went to bed at 4 am woke up at 10 am (i know late:( ) as much as i want to take a nap and not do anything except for blogging because im loving all my new followers ,i can't. So iv had this image in the back of my mind for about a month now my hubby thinks its crazy to paint it but it keeps calling me. Iv had 5 people show different reactions to it,its a very eye opening piece but i think im going to paint it despite what everyone thinks. I don't know am i crazy for finding this appealing?..this is the edited version you tell me.
(Appropriate or Not?)

Im Hoppin Tuesday

Im hoppin on any and everything i see that looks creative,interesting, or just simply adorable. Here are the blogs iv hopped on today. Check em out and join we can find so many more friends this way.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

10 Products in 10 Days

So i am going to do10Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream - Sensitive Formula: 5.1 OZ products in 10 days im ADDICTED to buying hair products for my curly/straight hair. Im also ADDICTED to beauty products i don't know why but iv been dumping my money into it lately,so any and all products will be be reviewed .On another note the first product i will be reviewing is Veet Hair Remover Spray On(sensitive formula). First off this product to me is somewhat expensive at $8.00 and goes pretty quick ,Veet takes way to long to remove the hair. With Nair you wait 3 min. exactly and bam its off this Veet i had to wait like 12 min. i dont have that much time to sit around looking like a marshmallow. I bought the 5.1 oz can and i used it for my legs , bikini area, and underarms 2 times and the whole can was gone. Now im not a hairy beast and did not over coat in my opinion Nair works way better and way faster id rather deal with the smell of it than with the hassle of the Veet Spray On. It is also a very messy product when you spray your suppose to be 2 inches away and yet it still gets everywhere else. The Pros for it however it does not leave my skin irritated and it smells pretty okay not really a strong smell and not unpleasant. The little blade-less hair removal thing that comes with it is ridiculous , it takes nothing off i could have got something like that from the dollar store. Overall i give Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream-Sensitive a 3 out of 10. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Phrase Signs

I went to Marshall's and seen this itty bitty sign that said "When you get there,remember where you came from". Well my husband fell in love with it for the side of our bar but hated the size. I went to Joann's and got 3 pieces of craft wood for like $2.00 a piece. Then i bought some black and white acrylic paint $1.95 for both, and a stencil on sale $1.00. This is what i ended up with I LOVE IT!!! To add sort of a worn look i sanded over it and am so proud of the results now i have art to match my barstools. 

Oh and FYI im a renter so i used velcro strips from the 95 cent store to hang them.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Susie B. Homemaker: WWD "13 Weekends of Summer" Wk #13- Weekly Memes

Susie B. Homemaker: WWD "13 Weekends of Summer" Wk #13- Weekly Memes: "This is the final weekend of summer... which means it's also the last weekend to link up and enter into the giveaways! This will also be th..."

Starbucks Saturday/Sunday

So every Saturday and/or Sunday my family and i have Starbucks Day. We goto starbucks i get a iced caramel macchiato, the man gets a pumpkin spice(seasonal), or he gets a toffee latte. Now Gia she wants"coffee" so we end up giving her iced hot chocolate with whip cream and syrup . Now all of us have to have the pumpkin bread (oh its to die for!) GO FOR IT DEDICATE A DAY TO JUST RELAX AND ENJOY EACH OTHER :)

Same Shirt Different Color

So happy Saturday!!!! Now this morning i awoke to "the man's" grey logo shirt. I dont know if i mentioned it but he does music for mtv & just recently burn notice...he also does screen printing and embroidery(his website

So his logo that he uses to promote his self just recently got a face lift to this gorgeous distressed t-shirt style in grey which by the way matches his new shoes. Needless to say the flirting started (lol) ,we're not really a lovey dovey type of couple but i mean come on the man looks good. Do you still flirt like a innocent school girl with your hubby/partner?

Im a hopper?

So i realized while surfing some of my newly favorite blogs that it was Friendly Friday and /or Blog Hop day so like the somewhat savvy gal i am , i HOPPED! I went on by to a few of these sites to say hello, get some more followers and follow some more people.( i mean after all who wants to talk and share with no audience?-not me ) So feel free to stop by and do the same.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aww my Gia

This is my little dramatic model thought id show her off to everyone.My awesome friend Cristina took this for my Gia's portfolio , if you need any pictures done family,wedding,pets,modeling you name it she can do it go on over to her site she does great, fast work. Heres the

And here it is !

Here is the first official set for my new collection Embrace.. tell me what you think i love opinions. Im thinking of doing a more curvy girl next time i dont know yet we'll see. Oh and by the by my photography is not that great im thinking of investing in a good camera . Naomi