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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Product Review Day 3

About 8 months ago hubby had very dark and heavy bags under his eyes so we went to our local Walgreens and bought Skin Essentials anti puff eye roller for $8.00. Its a roll on tube and its about 0.5 oz and can be used anytime night or day. It's suppose to prevent puffiness,redness,lines,and bags(basically you wont look older) hubby only uses it 4 nights a week and it has decreased his puffiness and darkness significantly. Your suppose to apply it by starting at the inner part of the eye and roll it out to the end on both eyes. Now iv seen Garnier Fructise have this same exact product for $14.00 and since i am a very cheap  frugal person i went for the less expensive one and it works very well for hubby and it prevents my circles too. The only other eye product i purchased was from Qvc 4 years ago for $24.00, it was a Medicated sleep mask. I wore that sucker for 3 months straight and nothing so i gave it to my sister and she seen no results(threw it straight in the trash!). So my overall rating would be 8 out of 10.


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