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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays

I just want to say Happy Holidays! I have to catch a flight on Tuesday where i will be headed to Philadelphia for a few days to see family. So i hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday weekend and ill talk to you on Sunday.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Caviahue Thermal Mud Review

First off let me say the Caviahue Thermal Mud Mask is worth every penny, so don't let the price fool you. It has been talked about all around the internet for the price of $74.90 you can get one of the best deep cleansing facial masks in the world . No more spending 100's of dollars and hours of your time on something that might not last you in the long run. Caviahue Thermal Mud Mask has multiple benefits it helps diminish signs of aging,it cleanses and unclogs your pores to help prevent breakouts. It provides a very well balanced blend of Caviahue thermal water and Caviahue volcanic clay to leave your skin smoother and soft to the touch. Applying the mask is so relaxing and easy you could even let hubby do it for you :). The directions say that you should start off with a relaxed atmosphere so for me that was when Gia went to sleep. Apply the mud all over your face and neck , leave on for about 15 minutes. Clean it off with warm water and a wet sponge which is included(it matches !). Last just rinse your face and once you do that you feel so refreshed. My skin felt so open and tight it was like a breath of fresh air. It was unbelievable how relaxed and stimulated my face felt. The jar is about 11 oz and it last's ! Iv barley made a dent in it. I wanted to wait until it was at least half way through it to do the review because i wanted to see if my face would keep the tightness and cleanliness the product gave me  . And sure enough it did, i want to thank Aqua Essentials for sticking in there while i tested there product out. The 2 times a week i used it i felt like a princess lying there with my face mask on drinking a Pina Colada.. man that's the life. I went from feeling like tired ,frumpy mommy to young ,hip, vixen lol. I am so very happy with this product and strongly recommend it. I will be posting an informative video about where this product comes from and me demoing it for you. STAY TUNED!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Swarovski Crystal Giveaway *WINNER*

The winner of the Swarovski Crystal Giveaway hosted by MoonBubbles is Camille ! I want to thank everyone who joined and stay tuned more great giveaways to come.

**Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new one will be picked. **

Friday, December 17, 2010

Toms of Main Review

This post brought to you by Toms of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tom's Of Maine is known for their all natural oral and personal care products, they have been around for 40 years and have become a brand you know and trust. Tom's Of Maine offers toothpaste, deodorant, dental floss, soap and mouthwash. The first product i want to talk about is their Wicked Fresh Toothpaste; This is a new addition and i must say i am impresses. This toothpaste serves multiple purposes such as decay prevention , stain removal ,moistener, and breath freshener just to name a few. If i had found Tom's months ago Gia's front tooth would have never gotten a cavity and their for would not have decayed . Tom's children's toothpaste will definitely be a power player in my medicine cabinet from now on. Another awesome product that is new as well is Tom's Wicked Fresh Mouthwash. 
Tom's of Maine's great tasting Wicked Fresh!™ Mouthwash helps stop bad breath without the burn. The refreshing mint flavors leave your whole mouth feeling clean. Tom's wants to give a bunch of Wicked Fresh Prizes away for anyone who has tried them and share a Wicked Fresh Memory. All you have to do is visit That's Wicked Fresh contest page to enter to win.Don't forget to show some support and find out on sales and giveaways @TomsofMaine on Twitter and Facebook.

click here

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where have i been?

I want to apologize to everyone for just up and disappearing  for like a week . I have been moving all this week and am finally in the new condo. Now we can resume our normal blog life. Also regarding the  Giveaway it has been extended to the 17 th  you will also receive very fast shipping that way it will be in time for Christmas .

Thursday, December 2, 2010

CSN Stores

Iv been offered a $45 gift certificate to shop at CSN Stores or any of there 200+ stores. I'm very excited because they have everything from Tv Tables, bikes,and clothing . CSN Stores provides alot of items for Walmart and come to find out my entertainment center is from there and is awesome! Have you shopped at CSN Stores? What would you buy with a gift certificate?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giveaway Sponsor (DISCOUNT)

I want to introduce our sponsor for the Swarovski Crystal giveaway Laura .  Her shipping rates are low at only $3.00 in the U.S. and if you are not absolutely thrilled with your jewelry, she accepts returns for a full refund.  If you mention NAMIART when you make your purchase, Laura will give you 10% OFF your purchase price and if you buy more than one item, she will ship for FREE in the U.S.

Moonbubbles is a one-woman show in Las Vegas, Nevada, run by Laura Judd -a jewelry designer and vintage sparkle lover originally from Michigan.
Laura began her love for vintage fashion at a young age, admiring the

jewelry that her grandmothers and mother wore and she began reading up and
collecting in her late teens.   For several years she worked with
semi-precious beads and created earthy type jewelry but still, her real
passion was for that glamorous, vintage, Hollywood style  jewelry worn by
beautiful woman such as Grace Kelly, Bette Davis, and Audrey Hepburn.

Now, decades later, Laura finds herself creating the jewelry that has been

her passion for so many years. She has amassed an enormous collection of
vintage rhinestones and findings and now spends her late evenings at her
workshop desk, dreaming up and creating what she likes to call her
“sparkly babies.”

As for how her jewelry is made, Laura reveals that nearly all of her

stones are hand set in vintage, prong cup settings and built from the
ground up.  Every piece is tested for durability and she selects each
rhinestone carefully to ensure that it has just the right color and fire.
“Every piece I create is one of a kind.  That is to say that I never make
the same piece of jewelry twice,” Laura says. “I think it adds something
special for my customers to know that they are the only people on earth
who have that design and color combination.”

Laura makes brooches, necklaces, bracelets, hair adornments, bridal

accessories, full sets, earclips, earrings, and even shoe clips. As
always, she welcomes custom orders for any occasion.  From bridesmaids
gifts to birthdays, she’ll work hard to create something unique and
beautiful for you based on exactly what you enjoy color and design-wise.

* Moonbubbles can be found in the sponsors bar>*

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Swarovski Crystal Giveaway!

I am so happy to announce Moonbubbles Giveaway , the creator Laura makes 1 of a kind pieces and does custom pieces as well. She was very polite and i enjoyed working with her and seeing her lovely home , i hope to become good friends with her. All her pieces are kid proof (see video below) and handmade by her only! No other person can create these gorgeous pieces like she can iv never seen anything like them. Here is my lovely Topaz and Black ring & brooch/pendant that she custom made for me in my favorite colors.

My Pendant turns into a brooch :)

The Giveaway ring !
                   Here is the Giveaway from Moonbubbles!

The giveaway ring is made of vintage Swarovski Crystal rhinestones (in fuchsia, rose, light Siam ruby AB, and crystal),vintage pink glass moonstones, vintage pink faux pearls, and the adjustable ring/band is made of antiqued brass. This will be a 13 day giveaway here are the rules.
* Mandatory Entry(will be disqualified if not followed) - Visit Moonbubbles and tell me one thing you like/ or learned .*
*Must be a follower of my blog*
*Must leave a comment  saying which entry you did with name and email*
1. Tell me why you would like to win this giveaway ( 1 entry)
2. Follow me on twitter @ NaMiArtBlog ( 1 entry )
3.Follow Moonbubbles on twitter @Moonbubbles ( 1 entry )
4. Tweet about Moonbubbles (1 per day)
5. Tweet about this Giveaway (1 per day)
6. Blog about this giveaway (10 entries)
7. Buy 1 thing from Moonbubbles (optional )
*You have from 11/30 to 12/12 to enter this giveaway*

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shoe Deals

Hubby has just recently informed me that it was Cyber Monday tomorrow. I was like what? iv never heard of that before, apparently its like black Friday for the internet who knew. So i have been definitely trying to step up my shoe the problem is i am so cheap ! I got an email from , so i decided to take a look , they guarantee all orders in time for Christmas plus Free Shipping . So i went on the site and they have amazing pumps, uggs and even mens and kids shoes i was shocked to see a lot of good brands because iv never really went on there. Well the second page got my eye immediately look at these babies>
its like they thought of me when they made them and that price.
On sale $80.00- Org.$120.00
So up next was to browse around the site and see if i could buy hubby some sneakers for Christmas ,now he's a little hard to shop for because of his taste. His shoes always have to be a certain brand and Hi Top.These sneakers were on sale and most of all they will be shipped free ! Yay! And just in case he doesn't like them has 1YEAR return policy and they ship the returns for FREE. I am still in shock that i hadn't discovered there huge shoe section  earlier it would have saved me a lot of money on Gia's boots that were $65.00. Had i known i could have gotten a good pair for 30.00 at i would have never ordered her boots from Journeys . To me its by far the easiest web site to shop for the Holidays they give lots of great perks and have affordable name brand everything. I would strongly advise buying shoes from they offer wides, narrows, diabetic approved and are orthotic friendly as well;Great if you know someone who works on their feet for a good amount of time.

Another day

So glad that Christmas is almost here, the weather has been like 32 degrees im over winter. Any whoo hubby and i went to Walmart for Black Friday to say the least it was packed ! All we picked up was a couple of Barbie dolls that were on sale for $5.00 can you believe it? They had accessories included and all , Gia went nuts. Glad to have checked a few things off the list including my mothers birthday that was on Thanksgiving . Im just happy all this holiday hustle and bustle is almost over i mean i love to shop and all but its getting a bit too stressful. Now income tax time that's the holiday ill gladly prolong lol (is that even considered a holiday ?) i will finally be going on vacation. Be sure to check up on Monday ill be posting a Jewelry Giveaway along with a special video for you guys :).

Friday, November 26, 2010

Product Review(Free Sample)

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was approached by Boudreaux's Butt Paste to do a Sponsored Post. However i already had a jar in my bathroom so i decided to do a review. Boudreaux's Butt Paste  was introduced to me by my Pediatrician, one day Gia had a diaper rash this was about 3 months ago so i called  the doctor and she recommended to pick up Boudreaux's Butt Paste and if that didn't work to bring her in. Well within 3 days her private area and butt has been rash free. The Boudreaux's Butt Paste  went on easy and didn't get all sticky on her underwear. It has been featured on the Oprah Show, Tonight Show,Today Show, just to name a few and comes in variety of sizes. A lot of the other ointments come in a little tube that cost like $7.00 and up while Boudreaux's Butt Paste comes in 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, and 4oz, 16oz jars that are family affordable. I have the huge 16 oz jar and it was well worth it . Especially when Gia was getting potty trained and learning how to wipe and what not , this was something i always kept in the drawer (just out of paranoia lol ). Boudreaux's Butt Paste is being so kind to offer a FREE SAMPLE when you visit their site. All you have to do is click the any 1 of their links to be taken to the site and BAM! There you go a pleasantly smelling, quick and easy solution to your little ones problems. You can never beat a FREEBIE (especially one promoted by Oprah ) I recommended it too any new moms or any moms who like me are potty training and just need something on hand.

Overall Rating 9 out of 10.

Visit Sponsor's Site

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giveaway Shirts Now Available

Hey everyone, i wanted to let you all know that those Negativi-Tee's that were given away are now available to buy. You can purchase as many as you want and  they will all be shipped FREE! All you have to do is go to the pages section and click on the Negativi-Tee page. After that just pick your size and enter which phrase you would like and click buy now.

Hope you all enjoy my hubbys shirts and the Free shipping for the Holiday Season.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Gift Review #2 w/DISCOUNT CODE!

Gift Box it comes in .
All my goodies ( Gia tried to run with the box sry).

Here is another Holiday Gift Review ! This review is JAMMED PACKED with all sorts of goodies , even some too help your man relax after a long day at work. Two Crafty Chicks Handmade have a variety of items (too many to name ) that include hand soap,bath scrubs,bubble baths,card stock,magnets,massage oils,bath fizzies, and lotion (just to name a few). I received a beautiful white gift box full of products that also serves a storage for all of your exotic items . Hubby used to bath scrubs before i could even get a picture of it and the hand sanitizer is being used in my bathroom , so here is a picture of the other products i received.
I think im going to take them out the box and put them in a Crystal Vase to sit in my bathroom( like in the magazines)to display them. This is the perfect gift for male or female they have a variety of scents for everyone. You can buy piece by piece and make your own gift set or you can purchase one from them, either way its the best thing to give someone. Its a way to tell them "Pamper yourself, you deserve it!"let them indulge on the daily basis with these awesome products. Two Crafty Chicks Handmade have been so kind to offer you all a DISCOUNT CODE!! USE NAMIART (ALL ONE WORD ) TO GET 25% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE!  

**You can also follow @craftychicks on Twitter for more news and coupon codes and the occasional give away!**
** Always FREE SHIPPING over $40.00 to US & Canada** 
** Two Crafty Chicks Handmade can be seen in the Sponsors bar>>**

Welcome Tanya from Two Crafty Chicks Handmade !
A little about us...
We are two women who started as acquaintances and became great friends crafting together. We decided to blend our love for everything crafty and our endless creativity into a line of handmade goods targeted to women who are fun and flirty and girly - like us! We started with cards, and designing our own line of paper and embellishments. Then e got sick of the soaps in stores, which didn't seem to be made for women like us. Everything was either too floral or too herbal or too plain. We like bright and fun and fruity! So we started making our own. This has now turned into a huge product line, which is growing all the time (check out our website soon for our new bath bombs being added soon!).
                                   We also get the chance to show support for local companies and for eco-friendly products. All our card bases, envelopes, journal pages and cover bases, agenda pages and cover bases and even our soon to be released 100 lb scrapbook paper is 100% recycled! Our soap cello wrap, card sleeves and shopping bags are all bio-degradable. We also don't waste. We collect bits and pieces of soap, and all our 'experiments' that don't make the cut and send it to "Clean the World" to be melted down into soap for people who cannot afford it.
                           What's next for us? Our own line of scrapbook paper is almost ready, which we hope will one day become a fabric line too. We are working on our own line of acrylic stamps, more card designs, perfumes and skin treatments. We are also adding natural yoga mat cleaners by the end of this year. We hope that our business continues to grow and we dream of having our very own brick and mortar shop where we can make and sell our goods as well as offer workshops and classes for others wanting to learn to make our crafts.
Thank You

**AFFILIATE OPPORTUNITY'S :We have an amazing two tier affiliate program! Not only to we offer you a good cut of the sales you generate, but you'll also get a cut of everything the people YOU REFER make! You can feel good about advertising our quality handmade products, and we offer good commissions, bonuses, gifts and your own coupon code. You also have round the clock support and mentoring!**

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Feautured Guest

Today i want to introduce guest blogger Stephanie from Ecstatically Pregnant. It took me and Stephanie a while to get to this point but we got here (lol) so without further or due meet Stephanie.


So more about me...

If you haven't guessed by my blog name...I am a new mom/ was just recently pregnant....

I am 25 years old, 3 years married to Dave...almost 7 years together...a brand new mom...who breastfeeds, pumps, wears my baby, and is really contemplating cloth diapers.

I have my Bachelors Degree in English, Education & History. I am on a break from law-school where I would be a 2L (2nd year)...contemplating if I'm ever going to go back...or if I will go onto teaching and getting my Masters Degree.

I am a miscarriage survivor who has lost two separate pregnancies...and since the first loss I developed anxiety and depression which I have survived {I'm doing really well}!

I am never sure of myself, I have my doubts everyday whether or not I am doing a good job as a wife and as a mother but I know somehow I'll do a great job!

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee being a mom. Our baby girl is my EVERYTHING! I could just sit and watch her for hours (and I do).  I love yoga pants (but have no patience for yoga...bring on the zumba), love trashy television, loveeeeeee nice purses/bags, love my uggs, love to ski, loveeeee to fish, love to read {at least one book per I love my kindle}, love swimming/teaching swim, love hiking & camping.

I hate stinky dogs (we wash ours once a week after they go to daycare on Saturdays to play), hate rude people, hate when someone drives under the speed limit, hate when you can't find your receipt and need to return something, and hateeeeee when I have to wear a bag over my arm to shower!!!

So I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me!  Thank you so much Naomi!  You are a doll!  Oh and anyone sticking around let me know because I like to follow back!!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Gift Review

Cafe Au Lait Toffee
Here is the first of many for the Holiday Gift Reviews. Today's gift is from the Coffee Toffee Company they specialize in Handmade pieces of heaven(aka) Toffee of all flavors. My packaged arrived in a beautiful white Asian Style gift box , you could smell the pumpkin,and fresh roasted coffee through the box. I opened the box and each flavor was individually packaged in a resealable bag (The Company's beautiful logo on each bag.).My hubby has very sensitive teeth but this was the perfect treat for him all day long. He grabbed a nice cup of tea and nibbled and savored the Pumpkin Spice Toffee. Me on the other hand i grabbed my Starbucks and immediately devoured the Cafe Au Lait Toffee. The Pumpkin Spice was made with real pumpkin pie , nutmeg , and cinnamon when you tasted it it was like it was freshly made, the flavors were the right amount of power and subtlety.The Cafe Au Lait tasted of slow  ground coffee and warm sweet cream(the toffee didn't even  last a week ). This is the perfect holiday gift for the Coffee Crazy person, your Tea Buffs, this is a $20.00 bill ALERT!! Meaning this is a perfect practical gift under $20.00. If you don't know what the person likes to eat they have a variety toffee package available also. No more fuss about having to order and wrap ect... its perfectly packaged in a Asian style gift box for you just buy and send your done. It's holiday shopping made easy !Welcome Jessica Co-Founder / Creator of Coffee Toffee Company!

Hi Everyone,
Pumpkin Spice Toffee
Here is a little more information about my mom Renna (pronounced Renee) & I (Jessica) & the tiny little company called The Coffee Toffee Company that we started just about 2 months ago and how far we have come in such a short time.
Our company was born from our passion for food, our love of cooking together and our determination to shape our own destinies.
My mother and I found ourselves in situations many women can relate to and some have found themselves in. My mom was a stay at home mom who at 60 found herself single and without a retirement account. I was a semi accomplished music producer, singer, songwriter with music industry credentials but no health care or a glimmer of job security and the catering jobs I worked in between music gigs had all but dried up since the recession.
One day in July 2010, I said to my mother “enough is enough!” and I told her I wanted her and I to take control of our lives. We decided to take a chance and using funds from my last unemployment check we bet on ourselves.
In August  2010 we incorporated The Coffee Toffee Company Inc and on Sept 3, 2010 we launched our website (which I built).
Since then we have been featured in The New York Times & yesterday we had our interview with Sandra Bookman on ch.7 that can be seen here  .

** We are offering a free sample of our coffee toffee now till Saturday Nov 20th**
**We are offering free shipping on all Holiday orders $100 & up**
**The  Coffee Toffee Company can also be found in our Sponsors Bar!>>

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Moving time ugh!

This month by far has been hectic to say the least . Hubby and i decided to move on the first of December instead of February -March (which we agreed upon ), any hoo we got an amazing offer so its packing time. It kind of sucks to know that after Thanksgiving we will be looking at brown boxes majority of the time. Our new condo is somewhat better and has sooooo many good perks for Gia(aka the fitness center for me) so I'm excited . A couple of people have asked me is that my dog in my family photo,and yes it was. Her name was Jessica she was a toy poodle and she was stolen on her 2nd birthday we had only had her for 6 months :(. Part of my  New Year Resolution is to find another family member to complete us (go shopping for lol). That being said stay tuned  I'm going to have a lot of interesting Holiday opportunity's and reviews to share(MAYBE EVEN A GIVEAWAY OF YOUR CHOICE . Let me know what you all want aside from toys for the holidays ill see what i can do regarding the Giveaway.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Need help?

This post brought to you by SPOT. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is a review for SPOT Satellite GPS messenger, when i was contacted i was a little hesitant about doing a review then i learned about the product and became ecstatic. I was suddenly thinking of people in my life that this would be perfect for so that being said let me tell you what this is. SPOT is a Satellite GPS that has multiple emergency capabilities that are out of cell phones grid. That means when you get no service on your iphone,blackberry or fancy touch screen phone SPOT will be able to call for help either to your family,friends, or any emergency service. SPOT also has live tracking, so say your daughter or son is on a field trip in another state your able to see exactly where they are at all times. Especially if you have teenagers this would be the ultimate protection for you to keep an eye on them. Now if your always on Facebook and Twitter and take a trip and want to(brag) share with everyone SPOT lets you set up live map widgets which sends your location to your favorite sites. When it comes to kids and the elderly you can never be to safe with them. SPOT allows your loved ones to just push a button and it sends a Check In/Im Okay message to everyone letting them know the location and that they are safe. This would be perfect for my younger sisters they will be going to high school next year and i am in a different state, now i can make sure they are doing the right thing at all times. Also since SPOT is so easy to use i might be getting one for my Grammy so that if anything happens and she needs help she can call the ambulance,my mother, and other family members at once with a push of a button. Spot is doing a very special holiday deal when you buy SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger you get an adventure kit that is valued at $50.00(perfect for people who love to hike,camp, ect. ). The kit includes a coupon for 15% off Basic Service , a flotation case for SPOT in case of a flood or hurricane your SPOT is safe. It also includes a micro LED flashlight, a safety tip bandana,lanyard,safety whistle ,and carabineer key chain. You can be a protective parent an out of state sibling or a outdoors type of person, SPOT Satellite GPS messenger is safety for everyone and al types of lifestyles. 

Visit Sponsor's Site

Monday, November 8, 2010

Yay 200!

OMG We did it !!!!!! Im so happy we made it to 200 followers , this being said when we hit 300 i will be transferring to a custom domain name . That means are very own website with a discussion forum and much more . I would love for all of you to help pick the domain name because Na Mi (my first and last name ) Art doesn't fit anymore. This blog has evolve to more than art, its a place where us gals can be ourself and have are own peace of comfort in cyberspace. Complete with product reviews ,mommy tips, women advice,and just basic venting lol. The winning domain name will be picked when we get to 300 followers and the winner will be our first featured guest on the website ,they will also get 3 months free ad space for there blog/etsy/business . You can leave as many comments with domain name options in them along with your email in the comment box. 

domain name example: www. (you get the gist lol )
Good Luck !

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just a Random Video

Here's a 2-3 minute video of my little one singing on top of my bar. Its hilarious and for some reason she loves Nicki Minaj's Right Through Me. So here she is being the family's entertainer  (As always lol ).
            Be Advised: No curse words were said during the making of this movie . 
Warning: A cheap camera was used which has now been discarded due to crappy performance.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I can bake

As i mentioned before in my Starbucks post i love their Pumpkin Bread. So i decided to make my own that way i can make as much as i want for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I picked up 1 box of Pillsbury Quick Bread (pumpkin) and followed the directions on the back. It was super easy all you needed was 2 eggs, some water, and cooking oil all of which i already had. I used all of the box and put it into my bread container (filled up almost to the top) and it was done in like an hour. However it was a little bland and not as pumpkiny and Starbucks. So i used my very own secret ingredient of pumpkin pie spice(about 4-5 shakes) in the batter and that batch came out perfect . Next time i am going to add pumpkin seeds halfway through the baking process to give it the real effect. To keep the bread fresh just slice it up and cover with saran wrap. Of course mines didn't last past 2 days Gia and hubby ate it for breakfast,snack.and desert , so i will be picking up 5 more boxes .

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Its not all its cracked up to be!

Bat girl when we got home.
I had a very stressful day today...lets start off with an email i received from Gia's agent at midnight. It stated that she needed to be on the set of a comedy t.v. show at 2pm Saturday . So Gia goes to bed on time as usual and wakes up around 4 am with the bad dream blues. Me being un-tolerably tired ( lol is that a word?) i quickly gave her warm milk and put her back to sleep. Woke her up pretty late this morning(to preserve her happiness ) and seemed to be running late anyway because she had a "I'm not doing anything mommy!" attitude for about an hour. She refused to eat , oh and did i mention that night she busted her lip pretty bad (i should have seen the signs). We get in the car and BAM! she's a new girl bubbly,not cranky,happy then she starts to blurt out "Mommy I'm gonna smile and play okay?" Rushing there almost 2 blocks away from our destination i look back and see her almost choking on white spit up with lettuce. We pull over the car and notice she had spit up a foot long along with a cup of milk from the night before. Needless to say we turned the car around and went and got some good ole ice cream. Daddy and I were very upset however it was partially are fault for not being better prepared with extra shirts and what not like we usually are. We don't push our child things happen but at the end of the day she's only 2 1/2 and can't really help what goes on. There you have it the trial and tribulations of a day in the "biz" with a 2 1/2 year old. 
PS. How dare the Phillys not win! Are you serious how could they do this to me and our city?!Ugh!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


 I have a few things i want to talk about today. 

#1 : The do not vote campaign that is to be aired tomorrow is encouraging people not to vote basically because our senate options are not so good. I strongly agree with this campaign and am thinking about not voting; I refuse to vote for Sharon Angle and i refuse to vote for Harry Reid . In my opinion they both are full of it with their false promises and low blow campaign strategies and overall id just rather not.
#2: I want to tell all my followers i appreciate you commenting on my  post and more . I always check up on all of your blogs and leave comments ,i would love for you to email me regarding the Now-Mi Series. If you don't know what that is go to the labels section and click the post. Email:
#3: I am overly excited to be going to the carnival this year as well as trick or treating. The whole spirit of Halloween just gets me excited like a kid in a candy store, i cant wait! All those gut retching rides sky rocketing you 100's of feet into the air wow... adrenalin high lol.

Okay, im done ranting :).
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

News Happening Now

Zahra Baker

Zahra Baker 10 years old , STILL MISSING!
Has a prosthetic leg from her fight with cancer and  also wears hearing aids 10 year old Zahra was ubducted from her bed in North Carolina.  Police drained a pond looking for her body little Zahra was often beaten and abused by her step mom who is now in jail; Police believe Zahra is dead and no one has yet to be charged with her murder . Now the police are looking at her fathers job where a scent of Zahra's body was found at the wood chipper, the cadaver dogs are repeatedly sniffing and barking at the wood chipper . A woodpile and dirt maybe hiding her body,they have searched the dads job meticulously and found nothing so far. The stepmother had a sick attraction to the little girls cancer problem(much housing syndrome) the stepmother got so much attention she was obsessed with it. Then the stepmother got jealous and controlling and had so much resentment because the little girl had so many needs she took it out on her to a further extent . It has been told by the police that the stepmother has lied 3 times about having brain cancer. Also the family has moved around multiple times because services such as school and child services were getting concerned. It has been discovered that the parents lied about putting the little girl in homeschool as well. Now in my opinion the dad knew about the abuse the dad helped covered it up and did not want to deal with it. This poor innocent little girl may have been killed by the people she thought loved her most. After a battle with cancer and abuse everything gets taken to another level and no one thought to do anything serious about it until now.I strongly hope that those parents were not heartless enough and sick enough to put that beautiful girl into a wood chipper. No matter where you live for your safety and others please get  to know you neighbors because you never know until its too late. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I really want to start a section of my blog called NOW-MI (now me )... this would be based on offering my help and advise as an outsider looking in on relationships ,problems,and any other things you may need help on. I will then make a post or video about the situation keeping you completely anonymous of course and sharing it with everyone for there opinions as well. If you think you may want to be apart of this feel free to send me an anonymous email (name not needed) at with Now-Mi in the subject bar. Also if you think this would be a good idea let me know in the comments section this is something id really like to pursue ,it would take place every Monday granted i have enough people interested . I just feel like as women we should all be here for each other and its always great to have an unbiased opinion on any type of situation . 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Reviving Ophelia

You don't plan on ending up unhappy.
I have to say literally 5 sec ago i watched one of Lifetimes greatest movies "Reviving Ophelia " regarding relationship abuse. This movie was so empowering and so emotionally disturbing it led me to do something new for my blog(thats in another post)and its lovely readers. Most people have to understand what abused women go through it is so emotionally draining and so hard to stand up and fight, i know someone that is very close to me whos been there and i vowed to help never let her go back. This movie was about a 17 year old and her cousin who is /was the rebel of the family. Elizabeth the goodie too-shoes finds her self slowly but shortly being mentally and physically controlled . Her cousin Kelli sees' that if that could happen to Liz then she better straighten out because it could be a lot worse for her. Im not going to give away the movie however i want everyone to know we all have secrets and we all have some type of fear ,its overcoming it that makes us who we are. Na-Mi Art will never judge you everyone is equal ,insecurities and all aside we are a community and family and i insist we all support each other. That being said please call  1−800−799−SAFE(7233)  -(for just teens)  1-866-331-9474 if you are being abused or need to talk about possible abuse signs this line is completely anonymous there website is geared with an emergency button. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today i finally created a twitter i would appreciate if all of you follow me @ NaMiArtBlog :)...Please !
Also i joined a Twitter Hop in hopes of getting more traffic to my poor little twitter  . Hop or Fly by and join the linky .
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Time is Flying

Where has the time been going iv been so busy with everyday life before i could blink it was gloomy and windy out. A for sure sign  that fall is here (finally!), it was exactly 1 year ago that i stepped of the plain to stay in Vegas. I know i know Vegas? Change of scenery among other things were needed any who.....the followers Giveaway ends this Friday at midnight so please enter before then. 
           All Giveaway info can be found in any of the followers post (see Labels section) or the Giveaway tab. Your can leave a comment on any Giveaway post with you email & shirt size. 
             On a different note my lovely nephew has been so anxious to spend time with me so my day will be jammed packed with him and Gia tomorrow(no blog hops :( .) Also Gia has been so scared to try on any halloween costumes  she picked out a monkey in Target and was delighted to try it on,needless to say it was bought along with a very scary purple pale which she takes everywhere asking for candy lol.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I need halloween help

Okay so i am in need of some assistance ,quick because i need to make this purchase by Tuesday. Last year my Gia was a Garden nome for halloween the year before that she was "beyonce" wig and all. Now this year im having trouble deciding .... everyone cracked up laughing last year when she just stood on there lawn with her little trick or treat bag . Tell me which one you think is best :)
A cell phone screen shows text messages lol

will do the white tiger makeup

will add very funny disco makeup

will try not to eat her lol

*Don't forget to enter the giveaway Iv added MORE INFO*

Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet My 2 Gems Review

Gia very upset ,i threatened to take it back due to behavior.
Stretchable band even fits my big head.
Wednesday i received a lovely headband fromMY 2 GEMSHandmade Accessories (Where its fun to be a girl!) my daughter has been wearing this black and white feather headband with everything and it looks great. Me being the "headband mommy" i have ton's bun none handmade, so naturally i thought it  might be flimsy and coming apart i was wrong thats one sturdy band. Its been thru tantrums and being thrown on the floor ,put on her, head taken off, put back on, that band hasn't even lost a feather it is truly a great accessory and i will be getting more from MY 2 GEMS. This headbands can be used from newborn to 20++. With that being said i want to introduce you to Dot owner /creator of MY 2 GEMS.... stop on over to her etsy site she has awesome shipping and unbelievable prices Enter NA-MI ART at checkout and receive a $1.00 OFF!
                  Hi im Dot, I can remember being 10 or 11 years old and making all my Barbie furniture and clothes. Any time I saw something that fascinated me,I ALWAYS tried to make it. My mother had a sewing machine in the basement, I would make pillows and small things until I learned to sew. I make Jewelry,I Scrapbook,Cards,wood crafts ,you name it.Then I started making headbands, my first grandaughter Riley was the perfect little curly headed model, now I have Shelby,Quinlan & Baby Charley. I love ,love ,love making hair accessories for my girls. When i have something new and I have them look at everything first, when their little faces light up,I know i have a winner.They give me ideas sometimes. I love what I do!! BUY HANDMADE:)! Thank You.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Product Review Day 9

Gia's Hair detangled after using the new product.
Gia has been using WHITE RAIN 3 IN 1 KIDS body wash,shampoo,and conditioner for about 2 months ($1.00) and i am realizing it does nothing for her hair it always smells like sweat &funk. I only started using this because Loreal Kids was discontinued but anyway her hair smells good for about an hour then after that it stinks , its basically not doing anything AT ALL! So today i picked up SUAVE 2 IN 1 SMOOTHERS it is a shampoo and detangling conditioner and it really does detangle well. This product was $1.95 and the coconut smelt very ,VERY good:) I will keep using this and might even switch to SUAVE SMOOTHERS 3 IN 1 body wash,conditioner and shampoo.. Overall Rating 10 out of 10.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet Tiny Shinys Review

Still refusing 
Refusing to take it off
Cutest little bag even has a drawstring Ribbon!
 Yesterday i received a necklace from Tiny Shinys  it shipped to me in about 1 day since they are conveniently located in the next state over from me(Arizona). The dog tag necklace is all handmade and water resistant, the chain on it is the perfect length for me to wear as well as Gia. It is so cute and thus far durable Gia has wore it all day and even slept with it. You can just see the quality as soon as you open the package. It comes in a beautiful little mesh bag along with 2 cards. One card states you can get Free Shipping with a purchase of $20.00 or more with a certain code. Another states you can get 20 % off $30.00 or more with a code. Not only are the necklaces already affordable the more you spend the more you save perfect for the up incoming Holidays.
Meet owner/creator Jamie....

  My name is Jamie and I am the owner of Tiny Shinys. My items are handcrafted one at a time with lots of love and attention to detail. Each item is created using the highest quality wood, glass and metal components along with professionally printed images and top notch designer papers. Every piece is sealed with a glass like resin glaze to bring out the image and enhance the beauty of the piece. After each piece is created I add a fun mix of charms, beads, flowers, and other goodies along with a shiny silver ball chain or delicate organza ribbon. Each pendant is one of a kind and unique just like the people who wear them! I love what I do and I think the best part of my job is taking something ordinary looking (a blank dog tag for example) and transforming it into something extraordinary using simple supplies. I have had an obsession with beads and jewelry making since I was very young and I feel like I have finally found what I am supposed to be doing with that. Thank you so much for your interest in my jewelry and please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or custom order requests.
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