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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Gift Review

Cafe Au Lait Toffee
Here is the first of many for the Holiday Gift Reviews. Today's gift is from the Coffee Toffee Company they specialize in Handmade pieces of heaven(aka) Toffee of all flavors. My packaged arrived in a beautiful white Asian Style gift box , you could smell the pumpkin,and fresh roasted coffee through the box. I opened the box and each flavor was individually packaged in a resealable bag (The Company's beautiful logo on each bag.).My hubby has very sensitive teeth but this was the perfect treat for him all day long. He grabbed a nice cup of tea and nibbled and savored the Pumpkin Spice Toffee. Me on the other hand i grabbed my Starbucks and immediately devoured the Cafe Au Lait Toffee. The Pumpkin Spice was made with real pumpkin pie , nutmeg , and cinnamon when you tasted it it was like it was freshly made, the flavors were the right amount of power and subtlety.The Cafe Au Lait tasted of slow  ground coffee and warm sweet cream(the toffee didn't even  last a week ). This is the perfect holiday gift for the Coffee Crazy person, your Tea Buffs, this is a $20.00 bill ALERT!! Meaning this is a perfect practical gift under $20.00. If you don't know what the person likes to eat they have a variety toffee package available also. No more fuss about having to order and wrap ect... its perfectly packaged in a Asian style gift box for you just buy and send your done. It's holiday shopping made easy !Welcome Jessica Co-Founder / Creator of Coffee Toffee Company!

Hi Everyone,
Pumpkin Spice Toffee
Here is a little more information about my mom Renna (pronounced Renee) & I (Jessica) & the tiny little company called The Coffee Toffee Company that we started just about 2 months ago and how far we have come in such a short time.
Our company was born from our passion for food, our love of cooking together and our determination to shape our own destinies.
My mother and I found ourselves in situations many women can relate to and some have found themselves in. My mom was a stay at home mom who at 60 found herself single and without a retirement account. I was a semi accomplished music producer, singer, songwriter with music industry credentials but no health care or a glimmer of job security and the catering jobs I worked in between music gigs had all but dried up since the recession.
One day in July 2010, I said to my mother “enough is enough!” and I told her I wanted her and I to take control of our lives. We decided to take a chance and using funds from my last unemployment check we bet on ourselves.
In August  2010 we incorporated The Coffee Toffee Company Inc and on Sept 3, 2010 we launched our website (which I built).
Since then we have been featured in The New York Times & yesterday we had our interview with Sandra Bookman on ch.7 that can be seen here  .

** We are offering a free sample of our coffee toffee now till Saturday Nov 20th**
**We are offering free shipping on all Holiday orders $100 & up**
**The  Coffee Toffee Company can also be found in our Sponsors Bar!>>


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