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Friday, November 19, 2010

Feautured Guest

Today i want to introduce guest blogger Stephanie from Ecstatically Pregnant. It took me and Stephanie a while to get to this point but we got here (lol) so without further or due meet Stephanie.


So more about me...

If you haven't guessed by my blog name...I am a new mom/ was just recently pregnant....

I am 25 years old, 3 years married to Dave...almost 7 years together...a brand new mom...who breastfeeds, pumps, wears my baby, and is really contemplating cloth diapers.

I have my Bachelors Degree in English, Education & History. I am on a break from law-school where I would be a 2L (2nd year)...contemplating if I'm ever going to go back...or if I will go onto teaching and getting my Masters Degree.

I am a miscarriage survivor who has lost two separate pregnancies...and since the first loss I developed anxiety and depression which I have survived {I'm doing really well}!

I am never sure of myself, I have my doubts everyday whether or not I am doing a good job as a wife and as a mother but I know somehow I'll do a great job!

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee being a mom. Our baby girl is my EVERYTHING! I could just sit and watch her for hours (and I do).  I love yoga pants (but have no patience for yoga...bring on the zumba), love trashy television, loveeeeeee nice purses/bags, love my uggs, love to ski, loveeeee to fish, love to read {at least one book per I love my kindle}, love swimming/teaching swim, love hiking & camping.

I hate stinky dogs (we wash ours once a week after they go to daycare on Saturdays to play), hate rude people, hate when someone drives under the speed limit, hate when you can't find your receipt and need to return something, and hateeeeee when I have to wear a bag over my arm to shower!!!

So I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me!  Thank you so much Naomi!  You are a doll!  Oh and anyone sticking around let me know because I like to follow back!!!



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