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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time is Flying

Where has the time been going iv been so busy with everyday life before i could blink it was gloomy and windy out. A for sure sign  that fall is here (finally!), it was exactly 1 year ago that i stepped of the plain to stay in Vegas. I know i know Vegas? Change of scenery among other things were needed any who.....the followers Giveaway ends this Friday at midnight so please enter before then. 
           All Giveaway info can be found in any of the followers post (see Labels section) or the Giveaway tab. Your can leave a comment on any Giveaway post with you email & shirt size. 
             On a different note my lovely nephew has been so anxious to spend time with me so my day will be jammed packed with him and Gia tomorrow(no blog hops :( .) Also Gia has been so scared to try on any halloween costumes  she picked out a monkey in Target and was delighted to try it on,needless to say it was bought along with a very scary purple pale which she takes everywhere asking for candy lol.


  1. Ahh, the joys of eating candy not gaining weight, LOL! Glad your little monkey picked a costume!
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