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Sunday, October 17, 2010

News Happening Now

Zahra Baker

Zahra Baker 10 years old , STILL MISSING!
Has a prosthetic leg from her fight with cancer and  also wears hearing aids 10 year old Zahra was ubducted from her bed in North Carolina.  Police drained a pond looking for her body little Zahra was often beaten and abused by her step mom who is now in jail; Police believe Zahra is dead and no one has yet to be charged with her murder . Now the police are looking at her fathers job where a scent of Zahra's body was found at the wood chipper, the cadaver dogs are repeatedly sniffing and barking at the wood chipper . A woodpile and dirt maybe hiding her body,they have searched the dads job meticulously and found nothing so far. The stepmother had a sick attraction to the little girls cancer problem(much housing syndrome) the stepmother got so much attention she was obsessed with it. Then the stepmother got jealous and controlling and had so much resentment because the little girl had so many needs she took it out on her to a further extent . It has been told by the police that the stepmother has lied 3 times about having brain cancer. Also the family has moved around multiple times because services such as school and child services were getting concerned. It has been discovered that the parents lied about putting the little girl in homeschool as well. Now in my opinion the dad knew about the abuse the dad helped covered it up and did not want to deal with it. This poor innocent little girl may have been killed by the people she thought loved her most. After a battle with cancer and abuse everything gets taken to another level and no one thought to do anything serious about it until now.I strongly hope that those parents were not heartless enough and sick enough to put that beautiful girl into a wood chipper. No matter where you live for your safety and others please get  to know you neighbors because you never know until its too late. 


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    That is so sad abotu Zahra. I hope they find her.

    -Amanda T

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    This case breaks my heart! My husband was in tears when he heard (he's a new dad) the story. I've been keeping up to date thru Nancy Grace. We don't live to far away from the town she lived in. So sad!


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