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Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet My 2 Gems Review

Gia very upset ,i threatened to take it back due to behavior.
Stretchable band even fits my big head.
Wednesday i received a lovely headband fromMY 2 GEMSHandmade Accessories (Where its fun to be a girl!) my daughter has been wearing this black and white feather headband with everything and it looks great. Me being the "headband mommy" i have ton's bun none handmade, so naturally i thought it  might be flimsy and coming apart i was wrong thats one sturdy band. Its been thru tantrums and being thrown on the floor ,put on her, head taken off, put back on, that band hasn't even lost a feather it is truly a great accessory and i will be getting more from MY 2 GEMS. This headbands can be used from newborn to 20++. With that being said i want to introduce you to Dot owner /creator of MY 2 GEMS.... stop on over to her etsy site she has awesome shipping and unbelievable prices Enter NA-MI ART at checkout and receive a $1.00 OFF!
                  Hi im Dot, I can remember being 10 or 11 years old and making all my Barbie furniture and clothes. Any time I saw something that fascinated me,I ALWAYS tried to make it. My mother had a sewing machine in the basement, I would make pillows and small things until I learned to sew. I make Jewelry,I Scrapbook,Cards,wood crafts ,you name it.Then I started making headbands, my first grandaughter Riley was the perfect little curly headed model, now I have Shelby,Quinlan & Baby Charley. I love ,love ,love making hair accessories for my girls. When i have something new and I have them look at everything first, when their little faces light up,I know i have a winner.They give me ideas sometimes. I love what I do!! BUY HANDMADE:)! Thank You.

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  1. thanks for visiting today and now following back!


  2. Buy Handmade! Definitely!
    Cute model and beautiful headband!