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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I can bake

As i mentioned before in my Starbucks post i love their Pumpkin Bread. So i decided to make my own that way i can make as much as i want for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I picked up 1 box of Pillsbury Quick Bread (pumpkin) and followed the directions on the back. It was super easy all you needed was 2 eggs, some water, and cooking oil all of which i already had. I used all of the box and put it into my bread container (filled up almost to the top) and it was done in like an hour. However it was a little bland and not as pumpkiny and Starbucks. So i used my very own secret ingredient of pumpkin pie spice(about 4-5 shakes) in the batter and that batch came out perfect . Next time i am going to add pumpkin seeds halfway through the baking process to give it the real effect. To keep the bread fresh just slice it up and cover with saran wrap. Of course mines didn't last past 2 days Gia and hubby ate it for breakfast,snack.and desert , so i will be picking up 5 more boxes .


  1. My Neighbor brought over some pumpkin bread for me to enjoy last week. AND ENJOY I DID! LOL!

  2. Following back from Blog Hop. We love Pumpkin bread here also. I posted a week ago about my pumpkin choclate chip muffins. Yummy! Thanks ~A~ at PICKED Over By ABCDE Family

  3. Yum!!! I love the flavors of fall! Pumpkin bread, coffee, name it!

  4. I always enjoy making banana bread, haven't made pumpkin, a friend and I always make a batch of pumpkin butter in Oct though. Dropping by to say I am your 200th follower, hope you will hop over and check out my blog at
    have an awesome weekend!

  5. Great idea - - I think I'll be stealing this one - lol.
    Thanks for stopping by Mrs. No-No Knows. I'm now following you back - come by and visit anytime! :)
    Carla aka Mrs. No-No